why delta goodrem and the veronicas suck

If you’re in the entertainment industry, there’s serious dough to be made is in the US. I don’t really think this is rocket science, just ask Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban (etc etc…)

No one in the states really cares about the Veronicas or Delta Goodrem. I understand and can even appreciate them attempting to have a go, very Australian of them. What I don’t support is their individual ways of selling out in feeble attempt to break into a market that doesn’t care about their music.

First I heard the Veronicas playing in the background of a contraceptive pill commercial; one that is presently under intense scrutiny due to the list of toxic side effects. Then today I saw Delta in a commercial for a ‘problem skin’ care system.

100_1757What really annoys me about both of these sell-out situations is that they’ve already achieved success in Australia. The greed that eats at people and makes them stoop to endoresements because they can’t crack it doing what they’ve really set to achieve is weak. I don’t see how becoming brand ambassador for pharmaceuticals is helping a supposed career in music.

So in conclusion, Dear Veronicas and Delta… please stay in Australia. Make your music and your money there instead of degrading yourself trying to sell products in the US that we all know you don’t give a toss about. I will keep my fingers crossed that your careers do not prosper in this hemisphere because you’ve already made enough bloody money down under to live a comfortable three or four lifetimes by a standard most ‘normal people’ have no issue with.

Thanks. x

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