why i try to never watch the news… ever…

Life in AUS vs life in the US is different, as I’m sure you can all imagine. There are pluses and minuses to each style of living… if I could somehow get a fifty / fifty time balance between each happening… that would be fabulous.

Something pleasant I find about Australia is that it’s quite easy to avoid the media. Living in the greater NYC area, it’s becomes near impossible. Especially when you consider the population density to boot. Your odds of simply overhearing something are a lot greater.

At times I get caught up in listening to what the media’s feeding, but usually it ends up upsetting me.

And I am very sensitive.

Yesterday by total accident I heard a ‘news update’ on television about a dog that was found ‘with its genitals cut off’ and that authorities ‘think cruelty to animals’ was involved.

Something like this, and most things we hear on the ‘news’ is sickeningly surreal to me. In fact, mentioning it here has my heart in my throat and my fingers trying to type while my hands instinctively want to form fists.

And that’s not like me at all.

A cynic would naturally slam me with an ‘ignorance is bliss’ argument to which I would simply agree. In this world, ignorance is bliss to some of us for certain reasons.

Like when you hear something so fucking sick… that the thought of belonging to a species that could even think of such a heinous act is enough to keep you in bed for weeks.

… which is why I try to never watch the news… ever.

Now I have to write an angry story about it… grrr.

ps. Reason #465 why I could never be a Journalist.

3 thoughts on “why i try to never watch the news… ever…

  1. I totally agree with you. I can’t watch or read the news either. It depresses or angers me. I much prefer to exist in my owl version of the world. I love your blog by the way. I discovered it by chance and have been following it ever since. You inspire me to follow my own dreams and to work on believing in myself and trying to honour that person. I wish you all the best with your writting. You go girl. I’m British by the way and live in Kent. Rebecca. X

    1. Namaste Rebecca. It is a pleasure meeting you, your kind words are a complete honour to me. Thank you so much. It is a blessing to have discovered each other by chance… x x

  2. Thank you. And, yes, a blessing indeed. I have a puppy too by the way, a Chihuahua called Mia. She is quite the most adorable little being to ever grace my world, so loving and loyal and contented by the smallest of things. Give her a strawberry flavoured bone and she will sit and gnaw on it for hours. And Mummy’s lap is her favourite place. She fills me with smiles. Enjoy your little darlings, they look like butter wouldn’t melt, although I’m guessing, as with mine, appearances can be deceptive. Given half a chance and she’s into everything. Woe betide you if you ignore her or look the other way for too long. Lucky her good looks save her from my wrath. Those eyes make it impossible to be angry even when it’s your favourite jumper that’s now sporting a hole.

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