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I believe the poetry book will be complete and available within 48 hours. Seeing as it’s the first book I’m putting out, it’s surreal. When I was chatting with a publisher last week, he warned me all about self-publishing. It made me upset. I’m fairly certain I ran home, pulled a pillow over my head, and bellowed into my present couch of residence.

As part of my mission a la Writer, keeping my head in check is a top priority. And to be true my beautiful cult of appreciators of all things creative, my whinging over currency and creativity is legit. It’s important I somehow swing a survival that embraces my creative nature – however I’m not confident slinging my words is going to be the way. Not even trying to sound like a hard ass… but I write for the people, not for the publishers. Hence the webpage I’ve spent nearly a year building to connect with all of you…

I’m just going to produce volumes. I never stop writing. And writing is like playing an instrument or anything else that one practices religiously – you get better as you go. Poetry Volume I is coming, soon to be followed by Prose Volume I… so on and so forth…

It’s actually been quite difficult for me to do this all on my own, format – edit – choose a selection of work – blah blah. Lucky I’ve got ink to keep me sane (or close to it) on the in between…

tranquil detachment in perpetual reach

days pass without me saying.
i want to be your dictionary.
somewhere we flip through for meaning.
i listened to opera last night.
you know. those nights. absent.
my habitual heart giving does not apply.
soft firm approaches to speak.
tears rolled to tenors. and i. longed to touch.
space contains depth. bottled. thrown.
if. i didn’t know better. i swear.
you heard every word.
my fingertips spun sky. in attempt.
to achieve because. is must be addressed.
fact. is. you possess. my peripheral vision.
turning my head. poetry. you invoke.
mastery. over. i lack. desire.
humble declarations. shadow. me.
with nothing. to offer. nothing. is yours.
inclined toward un-wanting.
days pass.
… saying.

4 thoughts on “writing… thoughts on it… poetry… prose…

  1. your a natural born writer
    always write for your self and the people not the publishers
    good luck on ur book 🙂

    1. takes one to know one brother… thank you so much! i don’t know why i’m tripping so much about the button… it’s actually starting to concern me… 😉

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