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Love and Greetings Blog Tribe

The last 48 hours have been spent bashing book and catching breath. Ever since I busted my ankle  a few days ago, things have been fairly low key. And within the halted pace of life, I’ve been thinking new thoughts to replace previous ones that weren’t doing me any favors.

Over the past two days, two different people – one of them being my closest friend of 28 years – each commented something like “I’m glad you’re getting better! You seem like YOU.” Or as my best friend bluntly put it, “Welcome back.”

I’ve never had an emotional experience before that completely sent me reeling like that of recent months. For it to occur exactly as I landed myself back in NYC, something I’ve been working toward for over two years, well… hopefully I’ll be able to write about it one day.

The predominant driver in me returning to the city, besides to be near my family, is because my guts said to. Gretchen Cello’s guts finally won her over. I know I’m supposed to be here. I know it’s where I’ll finish novel one.

Do you guys ever have feelings like that?

In other news, I’m in the midst of making arrangements with Mr. Patrick James Lynch next week to be a featured guest as part of his MyNY project – a weekly Podcast program that features a different New Yorker each week telling their story.

The funny part here, is that when I first cam across Patrick’s calling for “NY stories” – I took it literal and shot a link to a story I’ve written that takes place in NY. However, it seems that I’m going to be the story. I’ve never been interviewed, can you imagine?

I look forward to meeting Patrick and introducing him to the cult!

It’s good to be back. Baby steps. x


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