bjork pagan poetry

Our cult affiliates in Facebook Land can verify that I often post tracks up; ¬†youtube clips of songs that I’ve probably had on repeat for a few hours and finally shoot out to anyone else listening.

Maybe this habit comes from back when I did radio, it’s fun putting together playlists.

Anyways, in our present age of information and communication technologies, and back from when MTV actually played music, songs bring film clips. And when you mix Bjork into all of this – shit just goes crazy. Today I came across her video for “Pagan Poetry”. In my opinion, when she starts wilin’ out from 2:13 on, it’s essentially one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced.

… Until she takes it completely too far, sigh. I <3 you Bjork.

I’ve selected a new avatar. I think this is the eighth one I’ve had…


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