conditions of donation

conditions of donation

how hard. can you…
take this. wait.
weight of what’s remembered.
sitting on my shoulders.
upside down view.
twisting. stiff. head turns.
i gave away my dice.
hanging up my gloves.
imagining sound to your impact.
how. might. understanding.
did i ever tell you…
he sounds like a symphony of sunrise.
we drank truth.
water in the desert.
my empty stomach.
sometimes. a triangle in a square.
shoved into another.
unfamiliar shape.
searching without seek.
feeling without touch.
we reached what happens next.
i can’t… look…
around. circling sameness.
i know. what we built…
battle axe hack.
i find myself. wishing.
an aim of… possibly.
slice what’s left.
sacrificed. half.
tell me how you want it.
red bow.

written to:pursuit of happiness

SSF published a piece of mine: THREE LINES

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