day three (timezones in my head)

It’s day three out of thirty something that my boyfriend is super far away.

I’ve been frantically consulting my international family from bases including France and England while also reaching out to Colorado and Boston.

I’m also trying to stay on the luthier’s clock, which is six hours ahead of mine – at the moment. Rome time.

Yesterday a Harlem associate came through to smoke cigars, drink Italian beer and talk about life. You just never know where you will land during the mysterious stroll of existence.

I’m just happy to feel better as of late. I haven’t felt this good since I first started this web land eight years ago.

But who’s counting?

Oddly enough, the ups and downs of tracking your life publicly close to every day for nearly a decade has its own perspectives to offer.

I don’t think I’ve changed very much from the first day I decided to blah-g.

I like that I still own, and fit into, the dress I’m wearing in that post. It’s a bit tighter though, I’ve always tried to keep it real around here. Ha.

Unlike other author blah-gs that I read and respect, this site was never started to promote books. It was more to share writing, but mainly – to talk about my life.

I think story swapping is critical. Not only as a Writer, but as a human in general. If you don’t share experiences, and try to relate – I’m not sure what else is going on.

Regardless of how I have come to appreciate hiding out…

Anyways. I’m going to write stories and listen to this:

And I’m going to pretend my boyfriend isn’t so far.


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