he didn’t realize

The weekend is passing effectively. It’s somehow Sunday morning… I sufficiently cycled another 24 img_6743hours of crying and sleeping.

In my latest emergency call to David to cry about the luthier; he brought forward a new theory to my present state of disarray.

“I don’t think he realized…”

What David was referring to with the “realize” bit, I believe, are my eccentricities. He reckons that perhaps the luthier didn’t realize I’m quite… so… eccentric.

I disagree. However, I do think it’s possible that the luthier did not realize something else about me… I’m honest. For example, I would never look anyone point blank in his face and tell him I believe him to be the love of my life if I was not being straight up.

I’m working on a few short stories, it’s possible I’ll post one later. My book has taken a turn, the content is being reconstructed in a new way. I’ve been thinking a lot about international motions.

Mostly though, I’m just low. I might go to the movies later, just to be able to say I did something this weekend. Although, last night around midnight, Brooklyn zipped through to make sure I am still alive.

I have never had people worry about me like this before, and certainly not this many. I usually reserve my emotions for paper, I don’t wear them on my sleeve this way.

Anyways, I really hope it ends soon. I know I’ll never get over it, but I also know I can’t feel this low forever.

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