my foot. breaks.

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For 33 years I have never required crutches… until this morning. I wish I had a good story to share with you about rock climbing or saving lives. Some sort of admirable feat where I sacrificed my ankle for the greater good.

No chance.

During my walk home last night, I took an uncomfortable step resulting in my inner voice whispering, “Ouch. That didn’t feel good. I think I’ll go to sleep.”

At 4am, I blinked awake to the same whisper being much more assertive than earlier on saying, “No really. It hurts. Hospital?”

The next thing you know, me and my baseball size ankle were at NYU hospital on 33rd Street and 1st Avenue being wheeled down a corridor to the kind voice of a security guard confirming, “That looks painful. You don’t need to walk. I’ve got this.”

Tonight I am home with no breaks, just a sprain. I think the universe squeezed this incident in as an endurance reflection. While hurt and sprains are a natural part of life, in the big picture – it’s the breaks we remember.

As I continue to slowly evolve from the emotional turmoil that coiled around my neck the past few months, I’ve learned that humans are durable creatures. We can withstand more than we often give ourselves credit for. And sometimes, we overlook daily strengths that many of us are blessed to receive naturally.

Like walking.

Since I’ve been up since 4am, today has been a bit of a write-off. I don’t usually allow myself days like that.

I’m thankful for the reminder that sometimes, we all deserve a minute to manage the breaks that inevitably sneak up on us.

I reckon I’ll be walking again in no time. Running even.

2 thoughts on “my foot. breaks.

  1. Oh babe, I’m so sorry to read this. And sorry for assuming a stiletto was the reason – as if a woman like you would stumble in them! If I were in your hemisphere, I would make sure your foot was up and comfy, then I would put on some Koko Taylor and bring you a neverending supply of honey martinis and wasabi icecream. Get better soon, ok? X x

    1. It improves each day my love, and just the idea of you bringing some of your signature goodies already has it feeling even better this morning. The ER trip was completely worth the hassle. Until now I was convinced hot doctors were a myth. I’m thinking about going back just to make sure I wrapped the bandage properly. x

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