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nearly one week down!

I can’t believe my first week is nearly down! 100_0888I expected the first week to be full on, it didn’t disappoint! At least inside leaf peeping, family-playing-with, cider drinking, friend visiting, and culture catching up… I still got some writing done!

The script is coming along nicely, since it’s short I’m shooting to have it finished today… then I can at least say I finished something my first week home!

100_0866Next few days I’ll be on house arrest getting things finished. I’ve been out of my old job for a few weeks, that in itself is still settling in.

So here I am… the shock of being jobless isn’t pretty, I guess. But the feeling of being free from madness and for sticking my ground, walking away from an unhealthy situation, and chasing what I believe certainly all stand for something.

I’m still moving full speed ahead, few speed bumps, nothing major… still moving… a bit quicker each day.


  1. coo ,well the jobless part not so coo,but fuck dem get yurs homi3

  2. TECHRARGH!!! *shakes fist*

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    andrea, #3, pollyanna, gabby (pick one)

    October 14, 2009 at 5:33 am

    I think you may have tonsillitis. Your tonsils look red.

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