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A hippy looking lady in her thirties with stringy brown hair that matches her big bug eyes says, ‘If a ghost is talking to you, you should listen man. That’s what it’s all about. Listening to what they have to say so that they know we’re peaceful creatures.’

Uncle Randy somehow manages to reply to every query. ‘No I don’t know her, I don’t know anything about her. We don’t use her! We only use technologically advanced equipment, cutting edge sensory receivers. Our goal isn’t about telling the ghosts anything, it’s about figuring out if there’s a presence and telling the people who contact us about it. Sometimes the ghosts leave after this, sometimes the humans relocated. We aren’t out to give anyone or anything a message.’

He’s talking quickly to sound confident but the tone of his voice has changed. His head is wildly wobbling as he babbles but the crowd seems to buy it.

When Dad popped back in I thought he was going to go out on stage and apologize, maybe make up an excuse to please the crowd. But he doesn’t. He simply grabbed his coat off the stool next to me and turned to go back outside without saying a word.

He reaches the girl who still isn’t looking at him. ‘It’s because she’s still here,’ she says. ‘If I look at you, she’ll start talking again. I want you to go away.’

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