tearing timorousness…

raining. outside of my ordinary window.
i sent you sealed envelope confessions.
wrapped in blankets of cause. i wanted
to give you everything. to make you better.
you say you hate it all. you would rather
not talk about being. sick with history,
poison shot through your veins. toxic
routines to withdraw. ways to achieve. nothing
is your center of safety; a two hour fix.
you cannot speak. i keep asking. because
i want to put my pain in your syringe.
if you want to die quickly. shoot me. through
the way my heart enunciates. erase. alone.
difference. between. you and i. although.
i declare my fragmented place. delicate
deviation. if you would. just. tangle my
fingertips. suspending survival. i continue
tenacious grip elements. words. reach.
my place has never been. to make you believe,
i reside in the fact of breezy days. trying
more than you can. will.
until. perhaps. you’re final. injection
restyles. my sting. elucidates. reason.

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