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Yesterday’s piece ‘A picture of me’ received some wonderful feedback

I always adore hearing cult members and various tribal affiliates say things like, ‘Yes! I’ve been there, I get that…’ Because that’s my reasoning for writing. It’s how I connect with this mysterious land of Earth. Human emotion is a most fascinating topic to me, the ability to manipulate it with words is a personal obsession.

I wrote something for today that is opposite of yesterday’s piece to stand by my statement of, ‘No really, I don’t only write dark pieces…’

style of enamored

Together. We become.
Better. Drifting.
Soundless steps.
His galaxy eyes. My shooting star dreams.
Asleep. His peppermint breath. My lullaby chant.
Stillness. Between. Harp string declarations.
Lotus petal touch. Honey tea kiss.
Hooked finger promise. Ocean depth plea.
Boxed inhibition. Buried in the sand.
Our infinite shore. Unlimited certainty.
Silk ribbon showers. Golden light clasp.
Time stop tales. Summer beach breeze.
He has this.
Our intertwined way.
And there’s no telling. The way that we carry.
A pocketful of faith.
A worship collage.

… ever felt that way?


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