the lovers. 7 of 22.

the lovers

After many comfortable years at the restaurant it was time to move on. The husband and wife that owned the establishment had grown to consider me theirs.

Tears were shed the day that I left.

The decision was difficult to accept. I knew that life would be easier if I stayed, and in a way that was exactly what I wanted. A daily routine of washing, drying, and pondering.

Life is constructed of arduous choices.

As time went by my understanding expanded, my views on the intermingling of occultism and physical existence came together and further defined my character. I needed to achieve a balance that would be stunted if I did not consciously move forward.

I am anti-organized religion. However I had been reading heavily about Spiritualism. And although I knew that I was not out to join any sect, I attended a sermon the Spiritualist church the Saturday after I left my job.

I was twenty-six years old by then.

Have you ever done something simply because you knew you had to? People often mistake this mastery with intuition. Although intuition does play a role, what I am referring to is much deeper.

The day that I stepped into the church, I uniquely grasped a defining quality of this life’s path.

Someone was leading me. They had been all along.

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