what it feels like. how it sounds.

Today feels like this to me so far:

relive to living

believe redefined. to rediscover space.
lungs guzzling life. your silhouette.
sea. i knew by the tide.
wave smash movements. natural force.

breeze of attention. my tired eyes.
when you view. with your body
these colors expand. before
you know it. and i am carried

away. misconception. winter sun
shining through crystal. awaiting.
heat. prism. enthusiasm. by what
i am saying. it’s the way you glow.

open hands up. clockwise spinning.
head tipped back. new beginning.
force of pull. unsown threads.
i wish for time and loath instead.

solo step in no direction.
new grounding. hold me up.
i want to explain my nothing.
without illusion. remixed. fronting.

And it sounds like this:


So much icky business to attend to preparing to leave one of my favorite places blog family. Never the less. I’ll snap some shots while I’m out.

… show you what it looks like.

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