In 2009 I had been married in Australia for about eight years and decided to leave.

Besides dumping my husband, I decided to move to New York City and write. Part of this became an art project involving the creation of this page and commitment to updating it every day until I got what I was chasing. It took about two years of posts… but I pulled it off.

I also took my divorce worse than expected and watched my world temporarily unravel in daily posts. I appreciate all of my effort. But seven and a half years into it, I took a break. Far after achieving what I set out to do, independently support myself in Manhattan doing my activity of choice, spilling ink.

I’ve been up and down with the blah-g in between writing books, playing with the babies and having my heart broken. I feel like those are essential themes of this particular existence, plus it all makes great art.

I met someone who put me onto a song that made me dance this week. That made me think about life, and my writing.┬áSo my webpage works for now… novel soon to arrive.