900 bucks. the Queen strikes again.

I think it’s hilarious that Australia is part of the commonwealth and find the entire gesture of the monarchy laughable. However as a silver lining kind of girl, there’s a bright side to everything.

We get her birthday off from work.

The downside is that seeing as I am not native to this land, this public holiday was not on my mind when I booked my flight back to New York City next month. Now I have come to discover that the week that I am set to leave on Wednesday, I actually don’t have to work on that Monday.

Damn you Queen! First the royal wedding and now THIS!

I called the joint I booked my flight with who said over the phone, “Sure. We can change your ticket, that’ll be 900 bucks, thanks.”

I’m sure the travel agent was thankful for the phone shield to mask their grin while they spit these words to me. Because there is no possible way they could have said that with a straight face.


It’s a joke. Now I have to call Qantas tomorrow and cry a river to somehow hustle a ticket change.

Because come on now, if taking one more day off from work means four more days in NYC… there’s really no debate. Question is simply how do I swing it.

Tonight I shall meditate, burn some oil, chant a bit, and prepare for stacks of groveling tomorrow.

Bloody monarchy.

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