and then… i went ice skating…

There has been summer weather in New York City all week. And while I realize the need to grieve our environment – it’s helped my mood.

Oddly enough… last night… for the first time, ever:

I went ice skating in Rockefeller Center. One of my friends came through to work on cheering me up.

Sometimes, I can be very lucky.

My friend came and picked me up last night around seven. I drank Hennessy at a bar called Lily, because the rooftop deck Henry is closed for the season.

Lily and Henry in the same hotel? My babies… and I was with a dog person too.

So that’s how it started… with Hennessy up and double whiskeys on the rocks.

Next thing, I’m on skates – probably for the fourth time in the 38 years that I’ve been roaming earth.

It. Was. SO. F*CKIG FuUN.

Probably one of my favorite moments. Like, when I get dementia and can’t remember shit… I’ll remember that.

I’m still working on forgetting the rest.

We stood and stretched in my living room the next day, after I decided not to fuck. Because sometimes I’m like that. I love men and realize they always think it’s about them…

It’s not.


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