Yesterday was the one month anniversary of bouncing out of my well-paying yet ineffably inappropriate place of employment… here are some shots from the day to briefly re-cap…

DSCN1635DSCN1570First I woke up and took some photos to record how happy I was about making the decision to be out, then when I got home a few hours later  I spent the rest of the day tending to much more productive tasks, like playing ball with the puppies.

After I quit I immediately booked my ticket to come to the States because I knew if I didn’t do it then I’d probably never get another shot at going as balls out as I’m  DSCN2178going at the moment.

Over the past four weeks aside from literally re-locating 10 000 and some-odd miles, I’ve written over 50 000 words between book, blogging, and redbubbling.

However writing hasn’t been the greatest feat here, because in all honesty, I never stop writing. What counts to me is persistence.

Here’s to the future!

2 thoughts on “anniversary

  1. As always, the Google ads choose appropriately — it’d be nice if our government overlords had owned a copy of that ‘New Ethics Handbook’.

    1. LOL! Dude. You kill me… I hate my google ads, I’d remove them but it’s too fun seeing what they spit out each day…

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