articles… editing… cards… poems… sunrise

I like being busy, particularly when it comes to my Writing. I think one of the reasons I took to writing as kid was the convenience of being able to work on something from anywhere you are. Notebooks and pens are easy to carry around…

I’ve been writing an article about the spoken word event I attended last week for a site called UrbanBallers . And I’ve started writing poetry (yet again) because I need to put together a portfolio for when I apply to Columbia.

I’m struggling with whether to apply in the stream of ‘poetry’ or ‘fiction’ because, as I verified at my appointment with the school on Tuesday – you have to choose one or the other. God forbid you uniquely fall outside of this category.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my poetry… but no more or less than any other creative style.

I met with my boy about designing me a business card yesterday, because I suddenly need one. I’m finding myself scribbling my name and number in odd places too often… the outside of a drink bottle, across someone’s elbow… a card will come in handy.

Along with card design comes poster & brochure design for the poetry night coming up.

And in the midst of all this, I’ve got another webpage in the mix. Because I’ve got so much content and bloody places I’m at around this mysterious world of Internet, that I actually require a place to sort all of that out… lol.


Most exciting news: In the near future I’m slipping into a Poetry Editor role with a super dope lit mag. I’m still wiggling in delight, more on the way…

For now, the sun is shining in New York City for the first time in a few days… I’m taking my ink and hitting the streets…

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