a(way) to remember

you know. i had this
touch. like it could be a…
he… inside an ambiguous
state. say that there is no
sort of… gender… type…
as if one collective rose
above; while i dreamt.
again. i extended
to a stretch of secret.
i shifted. shoulders. rolling
to a waxing sky. of wonder
i recall before assumption.
i prefer to not identify
with a single morsel of earth.
because i believe
there has to be others.
i cannot. except. accept.
i cannot take another lie.
in this way… i still
wonder. awaken to every
question of what is real.
eye. closed. please
do not watch how
i re-open. i only pray
your pe(tals)(dals) lead
to this new sort of movement.
allow me to shape an
astonished awakening.
pleas(e). blink. and
i will another