chapters. verse. relax.

IMG_6062 Approaching the end of week one of my holiday, I understand why I need at least two weeks off for a segment of life to legitimately be considered “time off”.

Leave ┬áme in the forest for an adequate amount of time… and new words take shape…

Other things cross my mind, of course. I’ve thought about old husbands, about what ended me up

IMG_6082back here, about how I spent a decade in another country, about how I simply have to be from outer space – because there is completely no other explanation of how I am positioned in the midsts of a perpetual state of human chaos.

I digress.

So yeah, the book is rolling right along. And how pretty does blah-g look??

Praise Goddess for another week of inhaling and exhaling.

My 35th birthday countdown continues, just a few more days to go.

When I first started blahg-ing, I was so angry because I couldn’t support myself as a Writer. Now that I am officially doing that, I need something new to chase. While my goal remains peace on Earth and a legitimate human grip on human inter-connectedness… I’ve learned to choose my battles.

So here’s to Art and Love-spreading. While a 9-5 existence in the center guts of the USA beats on ideals to a degree… my birthday resolution is to shine my ideal brighter than ever before.

My ideal remains: love, truth, acceptance. All the rest makes me sleepy.

Let’s stay awake blog family. Spread the word, please.




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