back from italy. shout out japan.

Namaste blah-g family…IMG_6028

I’m back from Italy. It was literally everything.

But first – shout out Japan. These days about 100 people come around here every day to see what’s going on.¬†And a lot of the people are from Japan… x o x

I retuned from Italy on Tuesday night. I cannot, and probably don’t have to, attempt to express what the trip meant to me.

From Veroli to Sperlonga with a quick dip to Rome… it didn’t matter where I was. It was who I was with.

When love comes into your life, your head turns. When it’s the love of your life, it’s a new experience. At least for me. I’d say I feel like a teenager, but I don’t even think I felt like this back then.

IMG_6075Saying I’m in love, saying anything at all – in fact – is a drastic understatement.

There is simply one person I think about. One person I want to be with. This exclusive click of secrets that are inhaled and exhaled in all sorts of places when no one else is looking.

I feel like now, finding the love of my life, you learn how before that comes around – no one really looks at all. And if they tried, they must have not seen anything.

I remain romantic, I truly believe one person exists for one while we all remain a(p)art.

My life completely rearranged itself in the past 68 days or so. I couldn’t be more elated.

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