blue tips. holiday whips.

imageHappy Sunday global lover tribe. I only work two days this week. One day will be remotely, because I’ll be in Boston for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday I feasted with a local favorite. We cooked too much food. He made jalapeño corn bread that was accompanied with dark rum punch. We dyed the tips of my hair blue.

Later on I waxed my legs during Patron shots.  I was poured a eucalyptus epsom soak and dipped myself in candlelit bath water.

The weekend wasn’t bad.

2016 is winding down. It was productive. I’ve learned more than I have so far, I was hurt worse than I knew possible. It annoys me to have said imagethat more than once. But considering my most recent series of events, I’d be truly amazed if anything could come close to the slashing my heart took. Truth be told.

These are some of the saddest and most sobering words I’ll ever accept.

A family member passed away, after I learned of my friend’s father passing. So soon I’ll be at a funeral.

As I enter year five of being in Manhattan, and being back in the country where I was born – there’s a lot to absorb before I leave again.

So here is to absorption. Preferably in warm baths drawn by boys with big muscles and tasteful ink.


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