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IMG_8664I had a legitimate conversation with someone about work today. Not a “hide from life” situation… a legitimate job.

Earlier today, I was on the phone with my best friend of 32 years. We both agreed, ever since I got back to this country three and a half years ago… I haven’t been me. We even went a step further to say, whoever I might be was consumed by a stranger I married 12 years ago.

It’s not easy to run from life like I have. Skipping from country to country. Turning cheek to another cheek.

One thing I’m finally settling into, I don’t want to run anymore. I just want something basic. My own apartment. No man in my life. A reasonable job, maybe a vacation from time to time.

There are esoteric elements to me that will remain that way. Souls I’ve crossed and connected with stay inside of my heart, I can’t expand myself further.

I stay set on doing good. I think I do the most good with my words, and inspiring words from others. Still, I’m in tune with karma. I get that I’m evidently on Earth, there’s a path I have to walk regardless. IMG_7156

When I look back on the past five years of my life, I don’t see much other besides suffering. It can be painted and disguised a million ways. But when all of the smoke, mirrors and liars dissipate – I guess I’m the only one who can truly rationalize what’s left.

Regardless of all the atrocities I witness daily, my faith never falters. So here’s to truth blog tribe. From all of the lies that have impacted my world, truth reigning supreme is what keeps this heart alive.

I think this interview switches it all a-gain. Toes crossed.

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