brain freeze, busted knee, and SNOW!

100_0965I can’t believe is was snowing yesterday! I felt it coming the day before when I decided to go for a jog. This was a bad idea for a few reasons, like Gretchen + anything requiring coordination = serious risk.

I ran halfway around the block and it was so cold I seriously got brain freeze worse than the time my mate and I decided to skull vodka/sour apple slurpees.

A few hours after my weak running attempt I was whinging on the phone to my sister about how my knee hurt, who compassionately replied, ‘Did you fucken stretch?’ Stretch? Of course not. That’s what happens when you’re used to living someplace where the coldest ‘winter’ day still reaches a top of 75/24 degrees. No such thing as a cold body.100_0973

So the upside of the weather has been catching snowflakes on my tongue and having an excuse to wear sweatpants all day. The downside is that I’m one knee short and my brain is still defrosting from the evil jogging effort which will not be happening again… although if my knee ever gets better you bet your ass I’ll be hopping on a snowboard.

In other news, I’ve sent queries to two agents – and I got hired to write reviews for a webpage that doesn’t really pay money, but I suppose one dollar beats zero dollars. My slasher flick script is finished (short film, only about twenty minutes) and is in the hands of the Director… and the book is moving along.

And the sublet search continues…

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