the ick side

You know what the ick side to art is?DSCN1857 Competition. I don’t mean being out there with zillions of other other artists… whenever I meet someone sincerely trying to do their thing I usually become full of giggles and wiggle in delight.

DSCN1602I’m talking about people that are either too up themselves to give props where they’re due or people that are so jealous of what someone else is doing they turn nasty. Haters.

I realize no one’s perfect, but I can sincerely say that I fully don’t get any of the nonsense relating to the ick side. In fact, I reckon my lack of understanding in this area has even worked against me in the past… I love to write, I’m as good as I could be at this moment… I’ll keep writing and getting old so hopefully I’ll keep getting better.

Something reminded me of a person I thought I was cool with, an artist whose work I promote, and will continue to promote, who I discovered sold me out for a wicked cackle with one of their ‘friends’.

Adults that behave like children roll off my back and I’m able to still respect what they’re doing even when they blatantly dis me.

But I’m still left feeling disappointed.

love to you all…

5 thoughts on “the ick side

  1. I can see exactly where you are coming from. Times are hard at the moment, and people will do anything to get ahead. I can take this too personally sometimes, and its hard not to get to emotionally involved in the business world.

    I think some business professionals forget that we are all the same people. At the end of the day, we are all human, treat your colleagues how you treat your friends and you will have a healthy and happier business life!

    Excuse the rant, but i feel where your coming rom. Btw just come across the blog today, Love it!

    1. thanks so much mate!! it always feels better when like minds tap in! pleasure to meet you 🙂 !

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