… just made it.

buttoning snaps

I can’t break our body
Clocks. Your 5 o’clock disguise.
My 3am surprise.
See we aren’t supposed
To be (in)different.
I stomp loudly and free.
Like we’re never
Separate. I won’t shed
A tear for any year.
But I fear
Whenever you are near. It becomes
Impossible to be here.
With no clear steer
Of if I will ever
I guess. I never.
Stop to consider
Right? From wrong
Treatment reciprocated.
When mirrors are stolen.
It’s expected there will be no reflecting.
No look back at what attracts
What once attacked.
I cried. Indigo rivers
Of blue smeared ink.
Page after page
Until waterfalls gushed.
Unheard words. Disturbed
A melody of blurred chords.
You can blink away.
My effort. A dagger.
In my heart.