keep it up. move. swish-swish. move.

Looks like I quite possibly landed another job yesterday!! (insert grins and tee-hees here!!)

So… neither job starts for a minute because they each involve new restaurants opening where I shall dance around the floor making people happy by presenting them with their edible preferences. Therefore, I’m going to spend a few days simply writing.

Sure there are phrases crunching my brain like, ‘I’d kind of like to be working today’ ‘I very much want my own place’ and ‘Keep your head right gretchen, you’re actually making this happen somehow… relax.’

But all that is just silliness. Here’s a poem I wrote yesterday-ish. (I never really established a true belief in time, and I can’t seem to keep track of clock ticks…)

dimly departed we gather to assemble

hurricane turn. after
walls blew away
and i stood
on an island
away from everything.
someone told. someone.
i swore. while you said.
masquerade ball bubbles
violet indigo pops.
i am as always. my. was.
your belief in the reliance of satellites
with singed heels of another one…
of my shooting stars.
fallen. forgotten.
looking up from under
a new set of constellations.
clusters of me
you expected to slowly rotate.
surround a pale specter.
like i was ever dangerous.
poisoned with chemicals
your language infects.
arrival, like i said…

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