i still fuck with you

some(x) (timez) when we walked these creatures and things kept. moving we swam in salt— water. and (8)ate in be(tween) verses. we did (k)not talk. a— bout; the most remarkable. period of time: getting t(o)wo(o)… MUCH. there. a/our/e functions how no one will ever. as we keep singing. i love saying no— thing.

she wanna go

The past few days have been painfully divine. I love learning. It's one of the reasons I've gotten so far in my career. Learning is a job in itself. I'm not saying I retain everything I study, my father always taught me most humans are educated behind their intelligence. Still, when you're the youngest in a house of five kids like I was - you get good at finding ways to entertain yourself. I read a lot. And as I grew up I took every opportunity...

then it was christmas

Tonight a favorite person of mine carried a seven-foot present down second avenue for around a quarter of a mile. We wrapped it in lights and it's been glowing ever since... Christmas is closing in. It's my fifth Christmas back in the states. Last year I didn't have a tree, this year I am miraculously more cheerful. I smile much more than I was in September. I feel like 2016 was enough. On to the next one. I'm planning my next trip to Italy and...

let me love you

he had these long legs and blue eyes and i immediately complied with a completely. please could you possibly keep me? hold this disheartened heart that holds anything close. that comes with this imperfect perfection. and while i acted like nothing was happening. these me. these w- om(e)an? this complexity of per- haps. like it might have happened. and these keep on going and go- ing… and… let me. love you.

another friend’s loss. again.

Recently I made a friend who had a parent pass closely following our first encounter. Nothing hurts more than losing what we hold most sacred. I have't really stopped thinking of this person who I love during such a sad time. I spoke with one of my favorite people earlier today about my lack of phone and slow, albeit gracious, embrace of anti screen-ville. We exchanged "I love you" and plans... I felt myself coming down with a cold so I worked...
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