i still fuck with you

some(x) (timez) when we walked these creatures and things kept. moving we swam in salt— water. and (8)ate in be(tween) verses. we did (k)not talk. a— bout; the most remarkable. period of time: getting t(o)wo(o)… MUCH. there. a/our/e functions how no one will ever. as we keep singing. i love saying no— thing.

pairing paroxysm

pairing paroxysm We can Pretend And act Like anyone Else. Ever. Matter(ed) When I am Rocking inside Tides of Not telling That I never Cared. To show This side Of a circle That rounds And comes back; Ties. Into (k)not(s) Which I Rope around My neck. Nodding As if every - Thing remains Fine.

here. nor. there.

I'm back in town. The plan was to hide in sticks-ville for my entire out-of-office time... alas, things are always beckoning me back to my favorite girlfriend of Manhattan. I reckon I'll stick around two weeks, then dip back out. The trees and sunshine are suiting me. Also, my heart is bandaged after being diced. Repair isn't the right term. Some things don't exactly heal, getting better is a start. In usual form, I wrote a poem about it. I...
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