éveil internationale

I've been writing in French lately... éveil internationale et ses paroles sont devenues mon pinceau. mon inspiration. mon amour. soudain, je pensais en français… pinot noir. creme brule. baisers à Manhattan en - rêvant de l'Australie. et mon monde élargi. couleurs que tout a commencé quand j'ai regardé dans les yeux. international awakening and his words became my paintbrush. my inspiration. my love. suddenly i was thinking in french…...

hurricane draft

hurricane draft when it started… hearing his voice (like sunlight on your face) became… natural. and his words were… (wind in your hair) Art. to make you. pace. blown away - (mon trésor, mon amour) cattails. floating on the breeze.

safe bet

safe bet i would never tell how he invited he asked and begged and i did… not. i never made any assumption. like, what he wishes i would think about providing. i could consider to bring someone in. (i heard he keep his promises.)

his birthday

Per Australia time, it's my husband's ("ex husband") birthday today. Saint Patrick's Day. It's been a minute since I've written poetry. It spilled from my fingertips tonight: restructuring stay there. can only be one. he and (eye) promises. a lot of vows. teeth chatter swearing. i dressed in shades of declaration. when you never want anything. seek a shape and style to convince the rest that. “i’m ok.” no one wears this… look. protection...

is no above

i turned. mySelf... i mean. US. i SCREAMED it AND NO ONE listened or pretended to plead. recognize what happens. piles of shit. becoming sick from where you can’t see YOU. i woke up and acted for the sake of US. i crawled and scratched off sickness again. i choked on concepts. ever. above. sacks of skin begging for a sight of... than. please bid me purpose. to say... i’ve been. touched. if i escape time, that means. i killed. when... wishes...
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