chapter one. check.

I’m staying busy memoir-ing. I’ve got content all about so rather than have an anxiety attack over it I focussed today on banging out a solid chapter. I figured if I touched up one complete chapter it would lift my spirits in terms of that particular project… and it totally did!

It’s exciting to see a new book take shape besides Poetry Volume 2, which is also coming along nicely. Last night I went out with a group of Writers and we talked about rejections. We all agreed that readers are a much more effective audience to consult than publishers when it comes to our work. And then we shared stories about pieces being knocked back multiple times before finally getting accepted.

Although I’ll admit I didn’t have many of those stories, usually I submit things once if ever. If it gets knocked back I’ve already written too much to think much more about it.

I reckon this book will be different from everything in many ways and reasons… wait for it blog family…

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