another rant about publishers

So as we all know I sent in a new round of work recently to get knocked back by publishers. I’m not saying that I deserve a Nobel Prize or anything… but I should definitely be published by now.

People often say ‘Don’t take rejections personally.’ I say that’s bullshit. I take them very personally, which is why I don’t submit work like I’m apparently supposed to.

Getting rejected basically for who you are is a strange cocktail of utter annoyance and complete euphoria, and I need to stay away from strange cocktails. I have an addictive personality.

The reason I write is to connect with people. I need to keep my head right because I’ve wasted some time recently trying to pretty up pieces for publishers that tell me I’m ‘…just about there!’

Top ten rant points

10. I don’t deserve a Nobel Prize yet.

9. Not every single publisher sucks, most do though.

8. Strange cocktails are only ok in certain instances.

7. I’m sticking with the ‘It’s not me… it’s you’ approach.

6. Rejections are personal, people that say they aren’t are lying.

5. Ranting is a fun way to avoid editing on a Sunday morning.

4. Shout Out to our Director cult members that might put my words on a big screen.

3. This is a healing process, I won’t care about those fools that denied me in five minutes.

2. I’m going to send this in to a publisher to see how fast I can get another rejection.

1. Anyone that fits a Shout Out into a top ten should be published, seriously.

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