city. deadly nomination. disappearing.

Last night I rugged up and hit town with CJ. We discussed the forthcoming Carrier movie that is still in post-production, a final product should be available for viewing over the coming weeks!

We wandered beside the water, I made wishes on stars, we discussed manifestation, we pondered any opportunity to earn a living that doesn’t make us want to vomit. One day when I’m a world-renowned word nerd and CJ is an international directing phenomenon, I’ll flip back through photos of these times and say something like, “You know, it really was simpler back then…”

I found out today that incredible eLit mag Short, Fast, and Deadly has put me forward with its 2010 Pushcart Award nominations. This is the first award I have ever been nominated for and the honor knocked me off my feet for the afternoon and painted my cheeks a warm shade of scarlet. Deep thanks to the SFD Crew! Special thanks to the mag’s Editor Joseph Quintela, whose work I could gush about for days, months probably.

A friend just called to me to ask where I disappeared to this morning. I was at someone’s house, then I suddenly wasn’t. I slipped out without saying goodbye, I wandered a few long blocks, I wrote a poem about the brightness of the sun, I thought about how beautiful New York City is.

I have a habit of doing things like this, disappearing unannounced. That reminds me, we’ll be live from Arizona in just about a week… here’s to the next leg of story chasing.

…and here’s to our collection keeping track of my disappearances. It’s been a few months, on to the next one.

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