never the cause of these cuts…

never the cause of these cuts

there is no complication. to the shade of your eyes
tinting amber beneath streetlights to blend,
darker shades beside your bedside lamp. i looked
up into a half open view. while you were not
contemplating what i am doing here. considering
more than what you will. offering honesty
something greater, instead of false assumption
i sweat. become cause and take because
back to broken heart dreams and passionate screams.
what you do not know is how i stop. extinguish.
put out shouts so unlike my character.
hitting you off. just another habit. this style
of open, never lasts too long. depending
does not leave visible scars like falling or faking
in that way. tricking. fronting. i hold this. grip
fists of departure. i contain. onto goodbye.
countless times of asking what i meant
was a similarity. a used to be gesture. single dosed
opportunity. washing down. empty bottle. another
disappearance. unexpectedly. invisible.
when time comes to be realized,
please lose my number.

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