Some of you might recall the collaboration Real People previously posted that was written with Ricardo Perez. Our latest creation is a different style that combines our two voices. In the first piece we each wrote a clean half. The following work is a tangled mesh of both our phrasing and feelings.

… I’m quite pleased with it actually. Shout out Rick! Shout out to the Writers!


Sounds and words form in every condition.
I don’t know what I look like anymore;
I am a ghost to a certain degree. But this was not meant to be.
It’s not a problem to die for it.
Of a collective consciousness, we’re born to absorb.
Clicking in doesn’t fit when I never feel apart.
A part. What more is there to seek?
I live for the voice I speak!
It never fazed me. With this, it was only to get Harder each time after, to
never break.
Not looking for a piece or section…
Word painting. My only real way, without getting caught up.
Even at my lowest time,
The role I played was no role.
What serves me every day? Freedom to speak.
I put every piece of myself in my art.
People say it’s weak, pushing with no reaction.
My volumes on volumes were nothing!
Yet I must out do myself, my top I build on top of.
Shoving unseen forces not bright enough to shine.
Can’t relate to any political state.
Desire to argue has never been mine, yet I must fight.
My mansions of knowledge held was
Worth your mansion’s worth. I held tombs of riches.
Existence to prove makes no cents to me.
No profit of truth seems a prophet of truth.
Scrolls that have never been seen,
Castles they never heard of.
Grounding back to original connection.
Believe when you read of me taking time to write you.
Looking in your eyes to admire our reflection.
The late night tear drownings.
I claim to be nothing, no Shaman or Sage –
This is all personal!
They could never shut out my outspoken.
Knowing… Seeking peace… Life as a page.

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