other things i’d like to do

Being locked away in the snow and doing nothing but write leads to mucho self reflections. Some of them I’d┬álike to share today, some of them are private. And believe it or not, when I’m not straight up ranting and world stalking via the Internet – I’m actually quite a private person. So here goes…

100_1395I’d like to learn to play the cello. I used to take piano lessons which would also be sweet to take up again, but I learned that pianos are kind of hard to move around… hardly practical… like cellos. The real reason I want to learn cello is because it’s the only instrument that makes my toes curl. What I like about piano is the way your hands work. One time I played a harpsichord, also very cool.

I think I also want to learn to speak Russian. I speak a little German and like how it sounds saying, ‘I speak a little German and a lot of Russian.’ On that note, shout out to all of the Russian soul tribe stopping in to hang every day!!

Seeing as playing cello and speaking Russian both seem like a lot of work, I didn’t really get much further with my list. But if there was a close third runner it would probably be Latin dancing… mainly because I enjoy wearing red stilettos and I can’t think of a better reason to wear them then to do the Mambo.

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