confronted with cause

confronted with cause

He has a touch like music.
The kind that gets stuck in your head.
We picked fruit from the same vine.
Baskets filled with seasons.
Filled with ways that water sustains.
Ways that sunlight pulls roots.
Out of the ground.
A world of burials piling on top.
Stacked reasons of why.
And I thought I was fast.
Before I could open my mouth.
Frozen in line of a stare.
Melted by putting past.
Beyond clench fist demand.
Dropping what doesnโ€™t.
Release of reaffirm.
There are things.
In this world.
And I wanted to tell him.
Open heart surgery.
Who you are.

6 thoughts on “confronted with cause

  1. I remember the scratched black vinyl of loves screaming match, set fire to me I said as she walked through the open door, your heart will remain forever in winter for your sins she cried, I closed the portal and ramped the music up higher, I guess the neighbours must be used to this by now, I gaze from loveslostrainsoakedwindow to see her cross the sodden blacktop, jesus i love this girl, jesus she gets on my tits, I say goodbye silently and sway my drunken hips, set fire to me-latin jazzbo mix!!!

  2. your writing is very moving and inspirational, poets should and can work from each other, I have a new mac now maybe I will dig out my boho wordtrips…love broke my resistance to sharing my soul so thank you for sharing yours, mya the road rise to meet you always…g

    1. your kindness leaves me speechless gerri, thank you so much for taking time to feel my words. i couldn’t agree more that we can’t truly fulfill our greatest strength as artists without surrounding ourselves in the love and experiences of the others seeking to express our world creatively… i look forward to reading more of you ๐Ÿ™‚

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