10 days. birthdays. NYC. AUS.

Dear blog family

We’ve arrived at the 10 day countdown to when the insanity of FollowMeToNYC all began. That’s right everyone, in ten days I’ll hit 365 consecutive posts. There have been words, there has been laughter, a couple of tears, an angry gaggle of people I love with many ‘do you seriously have to do that “thing” today?s’ and many other fun and yummy bits on the in between.

And it has all been madly fabulous. Surely you don’t think I’m stopping, right?

I have no idea how direction shall proceed, whether or not I’ll keep this domain up as reading ground and move into new territory for the year ahead or keep my little world of daily blahs here. That said, gretchencello.com is slowly taking shape.

I have an appointment on Tuesday that is a significant definer of if I will stay in New York City at the moment, or travel back to Australia for a bit… and then back to New York City again. Because as we’ve seen over the past nearly twelve months, that’s basically what I do… but I made it to New York City like I said I would – I published a book there, shot a movie, and will be hosting a nightof everything words this coming Wednesday night.

Not bad for a jobless head-case…

Tomorrow is my first birthday in the States since 2002. I take birthdays mucho serious, it’s your own personal New Years. And mine this year just happens to fall on a Friday… in New York City.

A few people have emailed me asking about when my short story collection is coming out… I fucking love that. I had actually had it on the back burner but will make editing a priority so something is available. On that note, expect more daily stories…

… the tongue-cut-out one was hot, right?

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