creative. process.

IMG_6079I read something earlier today about a fellow other’s “creative process”. While I appreciate the art this human produces, I couldn’t help but get stuck on “creative process”. To me, that sounds like a chore.

The context it was used in, was something along the lines of, “Thank God I don’t have to work a 9-5 because it would hinder my ‘creative process’.”

To me, “creative process” sounds like a laborious task. It makes me really glad I don’t have one. Understanding my soul’s interconnectivity to this mad land of Earth, clearly there is a tappable creativity within that, the same as there is a technical nature I can access and many other components that create how my tiny reflection shines the single source that, I believe, creates all of us.

Working never hinders my writing, nothing does – really. I think I experience ups and downs like everyone else, but I don’t feel like any sort of task I perform could ever impact my artistic nature to an extent where I would stop using written word as an outlet to process the world around me.

I received some positive feedback yesterday about a new writing gig I’m hoping to land. If I don’t, I guarantee IMG_6073something else will take care of me – but the sound of being able to write stories for an international organization about their worldwide employees and how they endeavor to make the world a better place sounds very sweet to me.

So I guess we wait and see…

My partner and I are having a Thanksmas today. We couldn’t spend Thanksgiving together and will be apart on Christmas, therefore today has been declared Thanksmas. My house smells like delicious and our ritualistic feast to celebrate what we have, even during times of apparent struggle, is something I am truly thankful for.

Here’s to digging into happy moments, spreading them and making them last. I plan to stretch our smiles today far into the month…

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