silent solitude. manifestation. meditation.

Since learning of Nathan’s untimely passing I feel like I’ve been in a trance. I haven’t done much creative writing the past few days (gasp). I’ve done a lot of breathing. I’ve stared at the sky a lot.

I’ve briefly mentioned my spiritual nature in our land of blog. Every day when I wake up, I greet the world with love. I praise all things divine for the life I have, because even throughout my dramatic blog episodes that drift through from time to time… I never lose sight of how lucky I am.

The frustrations of Earth eat everyone at times. I made the decision while I was living in Australia to dedicate my life to helping people, somehow. A main drive of my word spinning is to create a space where people relate through emotion. Whether it’s joy, sorrow, rage or affinity. It has always been important for me to construct a place where people can relate.

When people feel alone, when they really do convince themselves that no one understands, that there is no one to embrace them and let them know that they really are understood… that we are reflecting the same source in infinite ways…

Tragedy tends to follow.

Blog family I encourage you to try an exercise. Close your eyes, envision the Earth, surround it in gold. Reflective shades of beaming gold surrounding the blue and green orb we’re residing on at the moment.

I promise you’ll reach someone, at least one person.

Maybe you’ll save their life.

Nathan, I’m still thinking about you. I’m still crying. I realize you had too many questions this small planet could not contain. See you in astral. Like always.

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