day 14. just barely.

Well, this weekend sucked – like last weekend. I slept as much as I could. I was invited out, I declined.

The only thing I want, is the luthier.

I actually prefer the workweek to weekends while I’m going through this because workweeks are more structured, they go by quicker. I have a defined place to go and clear tasks to execute.

But when you leave me to my devices for 48 hours, yeah… not so much.

I have been talking to my soulmate since Friday. Texting and skyping. It’s nothing to me. I need to touch him. I hate electronics on an average day. Using them for functional purposes, like telling my boyfriend I love him in two languages, contributes to their inherent functionality. Still. We’re both old school, 1978.

I want to touch him. He wants to touch me. We need each other.

It is fast and sudden and wild and perfect. In 17 days I leave, 18 until I arrive. That might as well be forever. I told the luthier that I’ll start being more excited and less tortured once we reach the two week countdown… which is Wednesday.

Hopefully I can stand by this. I really haven’t been good for anything over the past two weeks.

Today I was good at listening to this… and writing a bit. Besides that, it was a write off.

I need him. It’s killing me.

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