detour = 4 weeks to melbourne

First of all I just want to say that I am STILL on about the fridge toss… bloody H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!

In other news… the Universe seems to have majestically aligned a Melbourne drift in approximately four weeks.

I’m flying to Melbourne this Friday to celebrate… and to see the puppies.

We’ve been away from each other far too long!

Hmmm what else? Blah blah work blah blah weather…

Oh! That’s right. My poetry was featured by some of my friends HERE.

The most popular page on my site last month was the ‘about’ page which, as the hardcore cult members are aware, changes more often than seasons.

I need some more domains. I think people get confused when they read a love poem and then see some insane Euro-America-Stralian girl throwing appliances out of second story windows.

… in an old converted farm shack full of ghosts.

See what I mean?

This domain stays for ranting… I reckon I’ll start a new one just for poetry. Because after the ‘about’ page… the second most popular hit is my poetry tag.

And that, dear blog family, makes me very, very happy…

Maybe one day it will even complete the entire metamorphic process into category…

2 thoughts on “detour = 4 weeks to melbourne

    1. Man, it beats me! In my opinion… I would expect ‘fridge tossing poet’ to be one of the highest google searches of all time… Lol!!

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