deviation of desire

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I’ve been writing a lot of poetry lately. On that note, I traveled over to Lulu land to order some of my books and actually read them. I’m considering a “Lost Years” volume.

Anyways, I giggled and blushed when I realized that I sold a few books in December. So shout out to the lovers that put my pages on their shelf.

It is bloody freezing in New York City. I nearly froze walking to work yesterday, there’s a 50% 50% chance I will today. It’s 10F, -12C. Why would anyone go outside when it’s -12C?

Alas, I digress. Like I was saying, poetry.

deviation of desire

this distraction was never permanent.
not when her shoes were still in the closet.IMG_0693
a careless but meaningful sentiment,
like not needing something but wanting it.
you cried about how pretty ugly is,
it’s not about this. it’s not about her.
i never assumed there would be a quiz,
and most of our time turned into a blur.
unoccupied spirits like falling cards
merge into each other on city streets.
whatever doesn’t stick will soon discard,
release meaningless or accept defeat.
without gravity hearts cannot stay here,
a steadfast awareness of disappear.

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