disgruntle. soon to whisk.

Dear blog family

I’ve had a disgruntle past 24 hours. Sometimes these lead to nervous breakdowns, hopefully this brews some good art instead.

Two weeks ago I had a five minute encounter with a stranger that blissfully impacted me, and I don’t think I’ve been quite the same since.

It’s unlikely for me to have another moment with this character, but the memory of path crossing has been stapled on the front of my brain in bursting shades.

I’m grateful for it. I appreciate when incidents in life jounce me about. I spend so much time in solitude during my Australian months that the bone rattling effect of a passing character is more than significant.

It’s poetry.

We’re whisking off on a field trip this weekend to an undisclosed location my luscious tribe of everything lovely. There are dwellers there that mix up a big part of the tightest web I stick to in these parts. There’s mischief and mystery in the cards. As a gypsy, I need to move a bit – even if it just means stepping out for a weekend.

I’m hoping it realigns my disgruntle at least until 11 June when I get back to my city for another fix.

Part of the disgruntle is concern over daily hours that perhaps don’t make the most out of what I got. A brainstorm with some cult clan who I haven’t seen for too long is bound to help.

Three more sleeps!

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