embrace your crazy

I’m in a mood today blog family. It’s my standard, disgruntle, growly swing that I attempted to manage this morning with a bit of fresh poetry.

IMG_5010After I got my face walked on by my first husband and landed at the shrink, she made an effort (twice) to send me to a psychiatrist. An offer which I respectfully declined because I, for one, embrace my crazy.

My logic stems from Earth being utterly insane. The way of this planet has evolved into putting on your blinders and getting through the day – because no one you talk to jumps in the air with a hand up during typical Monday through Friday mundaneness cheering “Yeah! More work! Let’s survive and pay taxes to corrupt governments, together!”

That said, it’s naturally important to find a happy way to feed yourself. I never thought becoming an Executive (yes, I’m one of those) could tame me as it has. But I get to write all day long and my boss is one of my favorite people in all of the land – so that’s what it takes I suppose. On the side I have stories and syllables and imaginary places to keep me tame.

Alas, this does not change the fact that I’m certifiably insane. Clinically. My shrink’s favorite word to throw at me was “functional”. I view my ability to deal with life on the daily more as “resilience”. Earth is rough enough, not being able to survive? That’s really just not an option.

In conclusion, embrace your crazy. Take it from an utterly mad chick, like me. I’ve come to understand that there’s nothing better to be than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Either way, you learn, love and become exposed to things in the world that just don’t come if you curl up in a ball and refuse to deal with life.

So yeah, make sure you tell someone you love them today. If there’s one thing I’ve learned – that truly is all that matters. Particularly on this planet, talk about rough.


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