catskill camping

I have returned from Catskill camping to my beloved New York City. While I truly do adore the country, I am overjoyed being back. Particularly considering that some rednecks up in the sticksIMG_5186 stole my zipcar. That made trekking back to town quite a project. But other than being robbed… camping was really fun!

I wandered around with my man. I watched the puppies run through fields. There was food and wine and things that make you say, “Life certainly has its upsides…”

IMG_5183I guess being ripped off put some things in perspective. You might think you have problems… until you’re stranded in the boonies with two dogs, no ride, no public transportation and a couple of locals advising, “I guess you’re just stuck.”

Fortunately a hippy in a minivan eventually rescued us and whisked us an hour and a half away to the nearest train station.

Timothy’s 25th birthday was indeed an adventure.

It’s quite wonderful being in love. It was tricky while I was having an epic nervous breakdown. I think I’m becoming used to feeling moderately content, which is a new emotion considering all of the things and ways I’ve chased around the planet for the past few years.

Someone emailed me to ask about contributing to FollowMeToNYC. Amongst my zillion projects, I’m keeping website at the forefront. It needs design and things.

My major focus is to be easier on mySelf. Make sure you do the same… Earth can be rough.

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