I’ve accentuated it before, but my blood tribe holds a unique place in my heart.

One of the hardest things about living on the opposite side of the planet for nine years was being away from my clan of four sisters, two wild parents, and various other immediate cult members.

I grew so used to it, I always remember meeting new people in Australia who consistently double-checked with me, “So wait… you have no family over here at all?”

Besides the puppies… I didn’t.

Maybe if I had no siblings and parents I never saw it wouldn’t matter. But my sisters are my best friends, and I speak to my parents (and these days SEE them) every week.

Imagine giving all of that up. I understand and honor all choices I make, but I’ll tell you what. Until you’re in a situation where you try something like that for yourself, there’s just no comprehending it.

There are many best things about “now”. Here around New York City, it’s autumn, my favorite season. Everything dries out, lets go, and prepares for the next cycle. The world is literally glowing golden and red around me.

I pat a dog until he fell asleep today; I drank apple ginger cider earlier; and the kiss of the country is tenderly settling me sweetly back to the world I belong in at the moment.

Book brews at my fingertips and stay on the tip of my tongue.

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