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I wasn’t here yesterday, but I have the most AMAZING excuse.

Yesterday I had the perfect pleasure of escorting the most beautiful Jessica Tremp and her equally stunning partner in evening explorations during their first visit to New York City!

We ate Italian food and gossiped until we gasped for breath. We hugged and shook our heads and widened our eyes at stories and I’m fairly certain tears of joy were involved at some stage.

I love my family in Australia. The way my story goes, I went to that continent for one person. That one person dropped me on my face. And I was picked up by a group of the most divine, sparkling, oozing with talent loving collection of cult.

And I am literally thankful every single day – I think they know that too. x

This morning I woke up, sat in front of my computer, and slightly hyperventilated. There were thoughts in my head like:

“And I need to get the puppies here, and I need to finish my book, and there’s stuff at work that needs doing, I’m fairly certain I’m meant to be making some type of decision at the moment… etc”

To control this situation, which occurred around 7am because I’m up early every day for no reason at all, I took a bubble bath. There was sea salt and fresh herbs involved. Then I rubbed Hawaiian honey ginger lotion into my arms until they smelt like a garden – and finally I slopped mud on my face.

Because facials fix everything.

I must note, however – even during “relaxation” time my brain doesn’t stop ticking.

I read something interesting in the bath.

Happy 11 11 11 kids!!

4 thoughts on “face masking. family.

  1. Oh Darling, so glad you had such a glorious time with Jess and Mikey 🙂 and I think there is truth in the bath and lashings of lovely creams. I’m going to have a bath tonight, thanks for the inspiration.

    I miss you
    always with love,
    Lisa xxx

    1. I miss you beautiful woman. I miss all of our cackles over clinking and weekly love sessions. It was so magic to be spoiled with two pieces from somewhere so sacred to me.

      I think it’s my turn to hop on the plane that direction next… then it’s YOURS!! xoxox

  2. More, more, MORE!! Where did you go, what did you do, how was your heart afterwards? And yes my girl, yes, we do know it – but it’s always delicious to be told x X

    1. Out to Chelsea Piers, across 23rd Street, up 3rd Avenue, detoured for one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever imagined, then ended up at my place – side by side on the couch – feet up on my window sill – with the world 18 floors below, a full moon above, engulfed in Manhattan, drinking from the same bottle.

      Utter ecstasy. You know the ways of my roller-coaster heart darling, always aching over something. I love you. x

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